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    • New Dimension Chorus

      The New Dimension Chorus is a men's acapella group that truly enjoys four-part harmony.  We are located in the San Francisco East Bay Area and rehearse in San Lorenzo.  If you enjoy music and appreciate great camaraderie with like-minded gentlemen then come check us out. Read More
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    Are you the next man to join the New Dimension Chorus? Not me you say, I haven't sung since the 5th grade. I'm afraid I'd be a detriment to the chorus sound. I have a very busy schedule and don't have time to rehearse. Being in front of crowds is intimidating etc. etc. etc. But - are these really valid reasons? None of these really matters if you have just one particular trait that is common to all of our chorus members ...

    It was a simple invitation during a water-cooler conversation. "Come on by and sing with us some night." It didn't matter that I couldn't read music, or that I had not been involved in organized singing since the sixth grade, it only mattered that when I sang in the car, at karaoke, or played Rock Band, that I loved to do it. So I checked it out.

    The Town Square Harmonizers perform for our Guest's Night on August 5, 2010. Check it out!!

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